CAI Class of 2025

Zack recently completed the first year of a college level auctioneering course. Less than 850 people hold this designation.

CAI Class of 2025 photo

    Zack recently returned from Bloomington, IN where he completed the first year of classes at CAI. CAI stands for Certified Auctioneers Institute, less than 1% of the auctioneers in the United States hold this designation. CAI is a three year college level course held at the beautiful Indiana University Campus. Zack is a huge proponent of education, and strives to bring the latest and greatest to his clients. Zack is excited to have completed the first year of education and looks forward to earning this designation, and join the top 1% of auctioneers in the nation. CAI is the highest designation available to auctioneers through the National Auctioneers Association. Zack has already implemented many of the things he has learned and is excited to be able to serve you better. 

    These auction professionals have completed extensive and intensive auction leadership training at the Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) and have enhanced business and leadership skills. CAI auction professionals have completed three years of classroom, individual, and group work applied to their auction professional roles and business. Less than 850 professionals currently hold this designation.

    CAI auction professionals regularly participate in continuing education, keeping updated on the laws, regulations, and best practices that affect the auction industry. CAI auction professionals have encompassing knowledge of various asset classes, auction methods, business practices, and technology to provide the most ideal auction experience. CAI auction professionals go above and beyond to provide exceptional auction services.

Here is what the NAA has to say about the CAI designation