Indiana Artist Pat Mack Estate selling on Memorial Day

Pat Mack Estate works of art and studio up for bids

Indiana Artist Pat Mack Estate selling on Memorial Day photo

Pat Mack was an amazing Indiana artist, If you've ever seen the big angel along the Monon Trail it was built and designed by him and in his back yard. He was a sculptor and worked in metal, casting bronzes, carving wood, wax sculpture and more. He has commissioned works installed all over the country. 

Artist Statement                                                    10-19-2020

Dear Glendale Art Committee,

 About 25 years ago, I emerged out of a telecommunications and photography background to became a full-time artist.  I enjoyed working with my hands and the ability to touch my work. I transitioned from working with rod and sheet metal to bronze castings. With the bronze, I can catch that moment that has the breath of life and the tension of motion still alive in it. Sculpting in clay and casting in bronze through the lost wax technique, I can freeze my form in all its beauty. Over time I developed a unique style to bring out an organic feeling, movement and energy, through the use of fluid lines. I have expanded my sculpting medium by incorporating carved wood. I am enjoying how the wood has a natural, graceful feeling.

 In my sculptures you will notice a very diverse range of aesthetic forms from figurative fluid bronze works to abstract wire and sheet metal structures. I choose to work in different materials because I enjoy offering creative solutions to challenging problems. I work in bronze and lately a lot of steel rod and stainless steel.  Each client has very specific needs and site restrictions. Being open to various sculpture materials, I have become proficient in various materials and have had successful results working with individuals in private, civic and corporate arenas. 

 Each project, like each client is unique. I work with you to uncover specific needs and develop an idea, often sketching and creating small model concepts to facilitate understanding. Once project parameters are agreed upon, I enter the studio and begin work, providing feedback as necessary.

 Through my commissions I have gained the experience of working within different contexts. I enjoy collaborating to produce a sculpture that is one-of-a-kind and site specific. My ability to create sculpture from sheet metal, steel rod, bronze, stone, and carved wood is unique. It allows me to share my gifts of creating art in diverse styles with the public. This experience lends itself to working with corporations and civic groups to produce a project that will accentuate the lives of the people who live and work there.

                                                                                                                                          –Patrick Mack


Commissioned Works

Bumble Bee, custom metal, 5.5’ tall, Williams Park, Brownsburg, IN, install, April 10, 2021

Great Blue Heron, custom metal, 14’ tall, Fountain Square, Indianapolis, IN, install Sept. 29, 2019

Musical Scroll, custom bronze, 23” x 24”, Kokomo, IN, JC Rippenberger Construction Co., Sept., 2019

We Dared To Dream, custom stainless steel 5’.6” diameter, plane/ bird, Lancaster Airport, Lancaster, PA, Oct. 24, 2018 

River Critters, custom exterior flora and fauna, (3) 36” x 24” metal works, The DaVinci Pursuit, Indy, May 29, 2018

Playing Mantis, custom exterior, welded steel, 11’ x 8.5’ x 6’, private commission, Carbondale, CO., Dec. 2017

Lucy, custom bronze castings, Dr. Meier, Indianapolis, IN 2016

Unicyclist, custom exterior metal sculpture, Art Full Tread and 100th Running IMS, Indianapolis, IN 2016

Lamond, custom exterior metal sculpture of a giant grasshopper, Suzye Poley, Indianapolis, IN, 2016

Trumpeteer, custom metal sculpture, Angela Buchman/Channel 13, Indianapolis, IN 2016

Moonlight Sonata, metal sculpture, Lisa and Dan Minnick, Lafayette, IN, 2016 

Summer Breeze, metal sculpture, Micro Assist Corp., Austin, TX, 2016

Riley Wagons, (10) bronze sculptures, Riley Hospital Foundation, Indianapolis, IN 2015

Fred and Ginger, forged sheet metal, 5.5’ x 4’, Fountain Hills, AZ, April,14, 2014

New Beginning, hand carved cherry, 10" x 24", Torino, Italy, private collection, Dec. 2012

Last Tango, hand carved cherry14" x 16", Washington DCprivate collectionMar. 2011 

Two Become One, 32" tall, hand carved cedarNew York Cityprivate collectionFeb. 2011

Horses  2’ x 14’, metal wall sculpture, Telamon Corp, Indianapolis, IN, May 2009

Chrysalis Rebirth, four 12” tall bronze sculptures, Dec 2008

Chrysalis Rebirth, 8’ tall bronze figure, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Simon, Los Angeles, CA, Apr 2008

Mother and Child, (40) bronze sculptures for donors, Riley Hospital Foundation, Indianapolis, IN, 08, 09, 12, 2013

Transcendent, 26” bronze, Mrs. Bren Simon, Indianapolis, IN, Mar 2007

Yellow Robot Walking Her Little Dog, 6’ metal sculpture, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Oct 2006 

Kiosk with Bird, metal sculpture, Pogue’s Run, Indianapolis, IN, 2007.

Fleur-de-Lis, 39’x7’ arched iron gate, St. Thomas Aquinas, Indianapolis, IN, Mar 2006.

Water font, metal wall basin, St. Thomas Aquinas, Indianapolis, IN, Feb 2006

Earth Mother, 26” bronze, Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic, Apr 2005

Madonna with Child, 6’ cedar wood sculpture, St. Thomas Aquinas, Indianapolis, IN, Aug 2005

Memories, wood keepsake box, Patricia Leach, Indianapolis, IN, July 2005

Hope, 6’ x 4’ wood carving, Raphael Health Center, Indianapolis, IN, Jan 2005

Embrace, 48” forged steel, Jeff & Ellen Butz, Zionsville, IN, May 2004

Father with Child, forge steel, Cathy & Dan Cunningham, Zionsville, IN, Dec 2003

Angel of Hope, 33” bronze angel carrying child, Mrs. Bren Simon, Carmel, IN, Aug 2003

Surrender, 42” bronze male and female sculpture, Mrs. Bren Simon, Carmel, IN, Mar 2002

Harmony, 12’ stainless steel sculpture, Vistech One Research Park, West Lafayette, IN, 2001

Exhilaration, 11’ bronze abstract golfer, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Simon, Carmel, IN, Mar 2001

Persimmons Tree, forged steel, Conner Prairie, Fishers, IN, 1999

Symmetry, 6’ abstract stainless steel sculpture, Telamon Corporation, Carmel, IN, 1999

Amanda, steel rod garden sculpture, Beverly Hunt, Richmond, IN, 1999

The Musician, steel rod violinist, Wayne Vincent, Richmond, IN, 1999

Pivoting pyramids & metal spider, steel rod, Wayne Vincent, Richmond, IN, 1999

Indy Skyline, 6’ long metal sculpture, Reality Mart, Indianapolis, IN, 1999

Bicyclists & motorcyclists, forged steel sculptures, International Medical Group, Indianapolis, IN, 1998

Unicyclist, 4’ metal rod sculpture, Robert Murphy, Indianapolis, IN, 1997

Dragonfly and moth on Lilly pads, metal sculptures, Park Tudor School, Indianapolis, IN, 1997

Interior abstract floor sculpture, steel rod sculpture, Dr. Susan and Bill Santos, Cleveland, OH, 1996

Custom iron metal work, forged steel, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Miller, Indianapolis, IN, 1996     

Father and son, steel rod, Broad Ripple Trophy Center, Indianapolis, IN, 1996 - 2009

Serenity, 6’ metal fountain sculpture, Gary Bravard, Indpls, IN, 1995 

Complexity, 14' metal sculpture, Gary Bravard, Indianapolis, IN, 1995 

Genesis, 20” copper globe sculpture, Fort Wayne International Airport, Fort Wayne, IN, 1994


Exhibitions/Showings (edited from 2 to 1 page)


Art on the Trailway, Parks and Rec. Dept., Greenwood, IN 2 year exhibit/lease, July 2019- July 2021

Artist’s Creative Process, Gallery 924, Shannon Linker/ curator, Indianapolis, March, 2018

Vitality Through Art, Marian Hall Gallery, Marian University, Indianapolis, IN Nov. 2017

24th Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Krempp Gallery, Jasper, IN Sept, 2017

Art & Antiques Redux, body of works, Midland Arts & Antique Market, Dec 1-4, 2016

Heart Project, CHIP’s Inaugural Art Exhibition, metal work, Interchurch Center, Sept-Oct, 2016

 A Century of Speed, Gallery Forty-Two, metal rod/wire sculpture, May 6th-June 18, 2016

Artful Treads, 100th Running of Indianapolis 500, metal sculpture, 500 Festival Foundation, May-June, 2016

Football Invitational, wood sculpture and oil painting, National Art Museum of Sport, IN, July , 2011-Feb 2012

Spotlight Artists Gallery Exhibit, bronze, Clowes Hall, Indianapolis, IN, April 12- May 24, 2010

Robots + Us, metal sculpture, Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, IN, Sept 29-April 27, 2008

Indiana Flower and Patio Show, large metal sculpture, Indiana State Fair, Indianapolis, IN, Mar 10-18, 2007 

Riley Cares group show, bronze, Riley Hospital, Indianapolis, IN., Nov. 2006

Carmel International Arts Festival, bronze and metal works, Carmel, IN, Sept 23-24, 


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Best of Media, Carmel International Arts Festival, 2006

Participant, World Trade Center Memorial Site Competition. 2003

Individual Artist Grant, Indiana Arts Commission, Indianapolis, IN, 2002-2003

Creative Renewal Fellowship, the Arts Council of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN, 2001-2002

Contemporary Work for Excellence, 77th Annual Exhibit, Hoosier Salon, Indianapolis, IN, 2001

Design Winner, Arts Council of Indianapolis Arts Garden, Indianapolis, IN 1999

Outstanding Work in Any Medium, Hoosier Salon 73rd Annual Exhibit, IN State Museum, Indianapolis, IN, 1997

1st place, Bicycles in Art Contest, Maritian Art Institute, Loveland, OH, 1992